Rails on a PCB often account for about 10% of the total panel. This means after assembly the PCB has approximately 10% waste. Rails are important, but optimizing the size, position and number of your rails can reduce your costs. Use our free web based panelization application to optimize your panel – App


We suggest looking at all factors when choosing a base material; product application, product life cycle, technical requirements, material availability and cost. We’ve made our database available so you can review different types of materials and their datasheets – database


What are your requirements for solder mask? IPC SM-840D classifies solder mask, Class T and Class H. IPC previously classified solder mask as Class 2 and Class 3 compliant, but have since changed to T and H. We’ve compiled a database and overview of IPC SM-840D as a resource for you – database

IPC 4101C

IPC has created a classification system for PCB materials. This systems helps PCB designers and OEM’s better understand how materials will perform – table


Unless your job is a prototype, you will likely want to ensure that your circuit board is made by a manufacture which is UL approved – UL website


We have provided a list of terms related to PCB and PCB assemblies as resource for you – list