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Primary Materials Typical Tg Value (DSC) Common Application Material Example
Ceramic ∼250C Antennas, radio frequency Rogers RO4350
Feature Parameter (in) Parameter (mm)
Layers 1 – 6 1 – 6
Max Board Size 24” x 40” 609.6 x 1016mm
Min Board Thickness – 1-2 (layers) 14mil 0.35mm
Min Board Thickness – 4 (layers) 16mil 0.4mm
Min Board Thickness – 6 (layers) 20mil 0.5mm
Board Thickness Range 14 – 276mil 0.35 – 7mm
Max Copper Thickness 5oz 175um
Min Line Width / Space 2mil / 2mil 0.05 / 0.05mm
Min Hole Size 6mil 0.15mm
PTH Dia. Tolerance ±2mil ±0.05mm
NPTH Dia. Tolerance ±1mil ±0.025mm
Hole Position Deviation ±4mil ±0.1mm
Outline Tolerance ±4mil ±0.1mm
S/M Pitch 3mil 0.075mm
Aspect Ratio 8:1 8:1
Thermal Shock 5 x 10Sec @288 5 x 10Sec @288
Warp & Twist <= 3% <= 3%
Flammability 94V-0 94V-0
Impedance Control ±7% ±7%
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