We see big opportunities for improvements within the PCB industry and look forward to showing you how Suntech Circuits is different.

Delivering world class quality

Year after year we have provided our customers stable and excellent quality.

Our 3 year IQC acceptance rate on PCBs is over 99.30%. Our run rate for defective PCBAs is less than 75 pcs per 1 million units (DPPM).

You can be confident our product will exceed your requirements. High quality is our standard.

What our customers say...

  • I would not do business with any other PCB house - customer service, quality and competitiveness are far the best I have worked with in the 30+ years I have been in Supply Chain...

    Supply Chain Manager, Tier 1 Profession Audio/Video company

  • I hold Suntech in the highest regard, and feel you are absolutely wonderful to conduct business with...

    Commodity Manager, Tier 2 EMS company

  • Know that Suntech is my preferred supplier, with your commitment, courage and honesty...

    Procurement Engineer, Top 3 EMS company

  • I love Suntech, easiest supplier of boards I have…

    Buyer, Top 3 EMS company

  • 25 Years of excellence
  • Global support - 24 hrs
  • 30 Facilities
  • Industry leading systems
  • Strong engineering

Long-term Partnership

Developing lasting partnerships with our customers is our top priority.

As an example, we still have a great partnership with our first customer. For over 25 years we have provided continual support as they’ve grown and now service their manufacturing in 3 different countries.

We build partnerships on performance and trust.

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